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It is the difference between those that pick up a paintbrush and place color
on a canvas and those that can turn
the canvas into a work of art.


That same difference exists among
those of us who are excited to offer you cosmetic and enhancement services.


Aesthetic Artistry… it's what we eat,
sleep and breathe at Face & Body Group.


Our goal is to partner with you to
achieve your desires…. not merely
apply product to, inject or shift your
face and body.


You deserve more… more time, more information and the artistry that can accompany today’s exciting cosmetic
and anti-aging procedures. We bring
our aesthetic artistry to all of our
non surgical rejuvenative procedures.
It doesn’t cost you more but it does deliver superior results.


Our services include comprehensive consultations for the most current,
non surgical procedures available
today.  The focus of the consultation
is to discuss your aesthetic goals in
order to design a treatment protocol
that will offer you maximum results
and value.


Let us help you find, refresh, or
enhance your true beauty….  Read more


Weight Loss


We understand the difficulties, frustrations, health issues and daily challenges that you face as someone
who is overweight.


You will find comfort and confidence
in knowing that we recognize you as
a special, unique person with individual needs, health concerns, goals and desires.


Here you will find plans tailored to fit
all that is unique about you.


At Face & Body Group you will not only lose weight, but you will gain confidence by overcoming your barriers to weight loss and live a more healthful life. 
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You hurt. Plain and simple.


Well not so simple when you can’t find relief. Have you considered Prolotherapy
and/or Cold Wave Laser?


Prolotherapy is a safe, proven approach
to ending chronic pain and preventing unnecessary surgery.


Prolotherapy also known as Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) involves a series
of simple injections into and around
damaged connective tissue to stimulate
the body’s natural healing response
to repair and strengthen tendons or ligaments.


Prolotherapy initiates a mild, controlled inflammatory response which promotes growth factors and new cell formation.
These new cells strengthen the ligaments
and tendons, thereby promoting joint
stability and reduced pain.


It’s a different way to approach injuries.
We’d like to talk to you about it. 
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